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Friday, August 19, 2016

Zack Cozart, Adam Duvall Sit One More Day Michael Lorenzen Is Back

Zack Cozart and Adam Duvall are both available but will get an extra day to rest their injuries.

Cozart is feeling the residual effects of his knee surgery.  He could be used in the game but Bryan Price decided to give him an extra day.

Duvall fouled a ball off his instep on Monday.  He is feeling better but again Price decided to give him that extra day.

"I could use him as part of a double switch," Price said. "He hit live on the field yesterday. We talked about him being available but I thought it would be a bad idea.  I think one more day will do it.  Cozart hasn't shown enough improvement. I would like to get this behind him."

 "I fouled it off my instep (on left foot)," Duvall said. "I've fouled plenty of balls off it but I've never missed any time. The first night was unbearable. I couldn't sleep it was throbbing. It is better now. I'm going to wear a guard on it."

Michael Lorenzen came back from his bereavement leave.

The reason for Lorenzen's bereavement remains private but it clearly had an effect on the usually outgoing pitcher with a positive attitude.

 "It is good to be back around the team. It's good for me. It's good for my family to be able to tune in and watch me play. I think it will weigh on me a little bit. It'll be tough. He took me to all my games and stuff. I'll always remember him," said Lorenzen in an uncharacteristic subdued tone.

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