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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bearcats Exorcise Demons

Bearcats complete the rout.

Hosey Williams busted a 77-yard run o the middle on the first play of the fourth quarter.  He was caught from behind at the one-yard line.  Williams punched it into the endzone on the next play.  Tony Miliano kicked his seventh extra point.

Bennie Coney, a red-shirt freshman from Plant City, Florida threw his first career touchdown pass.  Coney threw 44-yards to Shakim Alonso.  Millano kicked his eighth extra point.

Michael Colosimo, a junior from Beachwood High School in Ft. Mitchel, Kentucky was the quarterback for the last series for the Bearcats. Colosimo is the son of the Bearcats' team doctor, Angelo Colosimo.

McNicholas High School graduate Rob Rice scored on a one-yard run.  Miliano made it 9-for-9 on extra point attempts.

Final score Cincinnati 66 Northwestern State 9.

Cincinnati had too much speed for Demons' quarterback Zach Adkins.

"The overall team speed was different from the teams we've played.  Their D-line i have to give them credit   They did a great job," Adkins said."This was a reality check for us. We came off two wins.  We see what we have to do. We will go back and work harder this week."

Northwestern coach Jay Thomas couldn't find a weakness in Cincinnati's game but was really impressed with the Bearcats' offensive line.

"Cincinnati did everything well, tonight," Thomas said.  "I'm really impressed with the offensive line. Everything started right there.  We have a couple really big guys on our defensive front on the inside. They managed them.  They created mismatches when they needed some.  Then took it on to the second level, the linebacker, the safety.  I thought they were very polished as an offense. They kept us off balance and were able to get big plays on us."

UC rushed for 322 yards and threw for 347 more.  Three different quarterbacks thrived behind the offensive line manned by Eric Lefeld, Austen Bujnoch, Deyshawn Bond, Andre Cureton and Parker Ehinger.

It was a test for Brandon Kay, who was handed the keys to the offense with the injury to Munchie Legaux, who blew out his left knee at Illinois last Saturday.

"It went well," Kay said. "We executed the offense. We did what we wanted to do. It was like going  back to old times."

Kay has a history of shoulder problems but is living with them.

"It’s good. There’s ups and downs. When the game comes around, you don’t feel it too much," Kay said..

Northwestern State lone touchdown drive was aided by two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.  Ond each by Marques Aiken and Brandon Mitchell.

Tommy Tuberville was able to see a lot of people in game conditions to evaluate their talent.

"We needed a game like that to look at the guys that haven’t been able to play in the first two games," Tuberville said.

Kay was the first in the spotlight.

"He took everything they gave him. Early they played zone and wouldn’t let us throw the ball down the field. He’s got a lot of patience. He knows the offense. He needed to get a start under his belt," Tuberville said. "It’s good to let him know he’s the guy now. He knows how to perform. He’s got to perform with this offense. It’s a little different offense than in the past."

"The biggest thing for us is to get the running game going. That would help Brandon. Brandon throws the deep ball, he throws the crossing routes well. He doesn’t get in a hurry. The thing that can help him is to slow the rush down. Our protection was better tonight. ... He’s learning. He’s got a lot more to learn about playing quarterback in this type of offense, a pro-style offense where the running game has got to be No. 1," Tuberville said.

Bennie Coney also moved up the depth chart with Legaux's injury.

"I said to him (Coney), ‘This thing’s not over. You"ve got to perform.’ ... That’s the first time he’s stepped on a college football field. He performed pretty good. We cut the offense down for him tonight. As the season goes on, he’s going to have to know all of it."

Coney was able to show off his arm.

"He throws the ball better than anybody we have. He throws the ball better than Kay. Sometimes the accuracy’s not there. He’s got a strong arm. He’s got to learn who to throw it to, No. 1. Brandon’s got the complete package," Tuberville said..

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