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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reds Last In Double Plays For Good Reason

The Reds rank last in the National League with only 88 double plays turned in spite of the acrobatic double play that Zack Cozart and Brandon Phillips turned Monday night in the ninth inning against Arizona.

Seen below:

There is good reason and that reason has very little to do with the fielding prowess of the keystone players.  Phillips has won a Gold Glove.  Cozart is close and according to Scott Rolen, who knows a thing or two about infield play, could have won the honor last season.

The real culprit is the Reds' pitchers.

Cincinnati pitchers have allowed the fewest baserunners per nine innings in the National League.

Reds' pitchers have walked just 334 batters in 2013.  Only Washington and Atlanta have walked fewer.

The staff has allowed just 998 hits. Only Pittsburgh's, 979, is lower.

In terms of walks and hits per innings pitched the Reds' staff has the lowest WHIP in the NL at 1.175.

With fewer baserunners, there are fewer chances for a double play.  Then when there are runners on base the Reds' pitchers don't allow teams to put the ball in play as much as other teams do.

On top of these numbers, ne reasons, the Reds' pitchers have the most strikeouts at 1,040.  The Giants' staff is a distant second with 990.

If this wasn't enough evidence, the Reds fielders are victims of their own success.  Reds' fielders have committed 60 errors. Arizona with 58 and St. Louis with 56 are the only teams with fewer miscues.

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