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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Atlanta Braves Scouting Report by Jim Fregosi

Reds fans think the Cincinati batsmen strike out a lot.  They do. Going into the game on Sunday against the Milwaukee Brewers the Reds have amassed 546 strike outs.


There are three teams that have more holes in their bats than the Reds do.

The New York Mets' hitters have gone down on strikes 553 times.  The Pittsburgh Pirates that come into town on Monday have walked back to the bench 556 times

But the Atlanta Braves have either swung and missed or took the third strike a whopping 611 times in 68 games, averaging 8.98 whiffs per game.

Former major league manager and current Braves' scout had this to say about the Braves in the pressbox on Sunday.

"The Braves had eight guys strike out in batting practice yesterday."

"I can't sit behind home plate in Atlanta anymore.  I catch cold from the breeze"

"The Braves have two guys with 12 home runs and eight RBI."

"Every time I hear whiff on ESPN, I think the Braves are on."

It is only fair to point out the Braves lead the NL by 5-1/2 games.

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