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Friday, March 16, 2012

Don't Worry About Spring Training Results Dusty Baker Says

The Reds have lost the last five spring games and the Reds starting pitchers except for Johnny Cueto have been hit pretty hard in this last round of starts.

"You have to consider half to two thirds of the names up on the board won't be here.  ," Dusty Baker said.  "You want to do well and perform well.  I  want to win even if I'm playing jacks. We put far too much importance on spring training and spring training results; far too much importance.  A kid does great, you may not even hear from him.  Or if a kid does poorly, everybody says get him out of here and he turns out to be an all-star.  This is called training.  Let's not lose sight of that word, training."

"I bet you nobody remembers who won the ERA title last year or batting title or who won the Cactus League championship.  The Diamondbacks they said last year were the worst team in baseball.  (They won 94 games and the Western Division Championship."

"Your're in the process of sifting out.  Who's going to be here.  Who can help you.  You let a guy steal who wouldn't ordinarily steal.  You let a guy swing 3-0 to see if he can swing 3-0.  The score isn't important as I want to know if this kid knows how to steal.  Yesterday I sent Hanigan to steak third with runners on first and second see if we can stay out of a double play with 3-2 on Cozart.  I wanted to see if Hanigan can steal or that Cozart can put the ball in play.  I wanted to know if Hanigan can run 3-2 and if Cozart could put the ball in play.  I knew if he missed the ball, Hanigan would be out at third a block. He missed the ball.  He didn't pass that particular test.  I told him you have to put the ball in play in that situation."

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