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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Albert Pujols Sees Reds Again..Wilson Valdez In Centerfield

The Reds pain in the butt, side, neck and everyother body part of the human anatomy, will haunt the Reds yet again.  Only this time it won't count.

The Reds visit lovely Tempe Diablo Stadium to face his new Angels squad.

The Reds played an Angels split squad earlier this week and Pujols played in the Angels home game.

"Of course he's playing against us today," Dusty Baker said.  "I guess he wants to let us know he still loves us."

Pujols played against the Reds in 172 games as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals.  He hit .350 with 46 home runs and 143 RBI.

Wilson Valdez is playing centerfield for the Reds.

"When we traded for him, I had some people, scouts tell me he plays a good centerfield," Baker said.
"It is rare that you can find a player that can do both, play the (infield and outfield).  The best I played with was Derrel Thomas, who was equally as good in centerfield, shortstop and secondbase.  He (Valdez) can throw.  He told me 'Popi, I'll be ready wherever you need me and whenever.'"

The Reds are also taking a good look at Denis Phipps and his play has been good.

"Phipps has done excellent.  It took him awhile to get it together.  He came on strong at the end (of last season).  He was at a turning point because he is 25, 26 years old.  It's better to get in later than not get it at all," Baker said.

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