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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bryan Price Wants Young Pitchers To Prove Toughness

There is an inconvenient truth to Major League Baseball.

The money is outstanding, the food is good, you’re every need is taken care of for you by a staff of people, whose job it is to make you feel comfortable to play the game.


For every player that puts on a Major League uniform there are 15-20 guys with as much talent, if not more that want to take a job from someone else.

Ryan Braun after a rehab assignment for Low A Wisconsin in Kane County last month.

“There isn’t as much difference as people think between the talent at Low A and the Major Leagues.  The difference is consistency and execution.”

There is also taking your lumps.

The Reds have 13 rookies that have pitched for them this season.  Of those seven have been starters.  Two starters and two relievers are with the team and have been rotated during the season.  They are finding out.  It is easier to get to the Big Leagues than to stay in the Big Leagues.

Bryan Price, who didn’t make it to the Major Leagues as a player knows how difficult it is.

“From a position players standpoint, those guys go out an bust their tails,” Price said after the Reds’ fifth straight loss after the break. It’s hard to dig yourself out. From a pitching standpoint there is that inherent pressure to be the next guy to stand up and do the job.  That’s what happen when you lose.  What we have to do is what we have done, is stay together.The losing makes for an environment that is a lot more challenging.”

The Reds are now a season low 15-games under .500 and youth can’t be an excuse for non performance

“This is a hard game to play. It takes tough people to play it,” Price said.  “We can’t create an environment that is covered in goose down and every thing is going to be a beautiful wonderland. It’s not. It’s an ugly game.  It is hard to stay up here. It is hard to perform each day under the scrutiny and the pressure. You have to be one tough S.O.B. to stay here. We’re providing a great opportunity for players to come up here to prove that they’re a tough S.O.B.  This game will tell you what you’re all about. It will tear you up from the inside out if you let it.  You have to be strong to survive.”

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