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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Scooter Gennett's Power Game Not Surprising To Brewers

The baseball brotherhood was evident on June 6.

While the Milwaukee Brewers were struggling to defeat the San Francisco Giants in Milwaukee, Scooter Gennett terrorized the St. Louis Cardinals with four home runs, only the 17th Major League player to accomplish the feat.

Gennett was born in Cincinnati. His parents moved to Sarasota, Florida when he was 10.  The Brewers drafted him out of Sarasota High School with the 16th round pick in the 2009 draft.  The Brewers waived him at the end of spring training and the Reds claimed him.

His given name is Ryan but he was called Scooter at home after a character on the “Muppet Babies.”  His mother took him to the police station to scare him after he refused to wear a seat belt.  He used the nickname for the first time in public.

Not so quietly, Gennett has found a home with the Reds, a team he rooted for as a Cincinnati native and watched in Sarasota, where the Reds held spring training from 1997-2009.  Gennett hit a home run on Opening Day as a pinch hitter.  He hit four homers against the Cardinals on that June 6 night, including a grand slam.  He singled home a run in his first at bat and drove in 10 runs.

With Zack Cozart’s injury problems, Gennett has been playing regularly.  He is hitting .307 with 11 home runs and an astounding 40 RBI in 176 at bats.

“Nothing Scooter does surprises me,” Milwaukee manager Craig Counsell said.  “We were talking about it in the dugout during our game.”

“It brought a smile to everybody’s face,” Counsel said.  “There is shock value to everything he does, but even four home runs doesn’t surprise me. My favorite thing about it was how he handled it afterwood. I thought he handled it beautifully. He was very humble about it.  It was cool how he handled it.”

The consolation for Counsell was not only not against the Brewers.

“It was against the Cardinals.  We were fine with that,” Counsell said.

Counsel couldn’t remember whether he sent a text to Gennett.

“Quite a few (Brewers) texted me,” Gennett said.  “A lot of those guys are like family to me. They were extremely happy for me and congratulated me. In this game some things happen and guys get traded and move around but you stay in contact with people that you care about. It was nice they cared enough to reach out. I was extremely happy.  I got over 270 messages. I made getting back to them a priority.”

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