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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Perfect Innning Rare Storen Does It

A rare baseball anomaly occurred in the ninth inning of the Reds 9-3 win over the Baltimore Orioles and it was not the winning performance by the ageless 40-year old Bronson Arroyo.

Drew Storen turned in a rare nine-pitch, three strikeout inning.  Many would say that a three-pitch, three-out inning would be better.

“As a bullpen guy it is something that you aim for,” Storen said. “We don’t get to throw a perfect game so it is something to shoot for.  I was surprised it was so rare.”

Actually, a nine-pitch, three strikeout inning has been done 56 times.  There have been 296 no-hitters thrown in the modern era.

Three Reds pitchers have done it before Storen.  Hod Eller in a1917, Rob Dibble in 1989 and Carlos Contreras in 2014.

“To see only three other guys did it, it is really special,” Storen said. “Between getting three outs on three pitches or three strikeouts on nine pitches, I’d take the strikeouts any time I can get them.”

Mesoraco Almost Ready

Devin Mesoraco completed back-to-back nine inning games at catcher in Pensacola.  The 2014 All-Star who has been limited to 39 games the last two years, cleared on of the hurdles that has been keeping him from joining the Reds.

“He came through it good,” Bryan Price said.  “He has the day off today. It’s the day we determine whether he needs any finishing touches or polish. “

Mesoraco is hitting .143 with a home run in Pensacola.

“We want to know how his at bats are, not necessarilyhis batting average,” Price said. “We want to know how he’s seeing the ball. We will take inot account the opinion of Pat Kelly (the Pensacola manager).”

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