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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bronson Arroyo Hit With Catchers Throw In Cactus Leaves Game

Bronson Arroyo was struck in the face with a thrown ball by Reds’ catcher Devin Mesoraco.

Mesoraco was attempting to throw Drew Robinson of the Texas Rangers out at secondbase on a steal attempt when the ball struck Arroyo in the jaw and neck area.

Arroyo was on his feet, talking to Reds’ trainer Steve Bauman for several minutes before he was removed from the game.  Arroyo was examined in the Goodyear Ballpark clubhouse by a doctor in centerfield and taken by bus to the Reds’ complex a mile from the stadium.

Arroyo, 40, is attempting to make a comeback with the Reds after missing 2 1/2 years with elbow and shoulder injuries.  He pitched 1 2/3 innings in his second Cactus League start when the incident occurred..

The 40-year old threw 20 long tosses at the complex.

“We had two strikes on the nine-hole hitter,” Arroyo said.  “I threw a sweeping breaking ball so it took him outside the box.  I heard the delayed steal and he was going to throw from his knees. But some reason I thought that I was totally clear of him. It looked like he was going to be throwing at a totally different angle. It almost looked like Devin totally changed his mind on the direction he wanted to throw the ball at the last minute. I didn’t see where the ball was going. I felt like something strange had happened.  I turned my head sideways and it hit me, half jaw, half neck.”

Arroyo was pacing behind the pitchers mound and walked to short centerfield.

‘It was a pretty good stinger but one of those things you have to walk off,” Arroyo said.  “It was like somebody gave you a good left hook. I was feeling fine after about five minutes. I was begging Steve to leave me in the game but spring training they weren’t going to go for it.”

All Arroyo was concerned with was his pitch count.

“The pitch count was the main thing but I already had 39 pitches and I wasn’t even out of the second inning.  I didn’t get cut super short.  If I had to finish the inning it was still burning but if that’s the regular season, you can’t come out of the game for that. You just can’t.”

“Steve o hasn’t been the head trainer long and I know these days the liability on guys, they want to be real careful on you,” Arroyo said.  “Everything else was good. I was getting a little tired just because you’re rapid firing a little bit. I had a bunch of 0-2 counts that I pushed to 3-2, the guys weren’t nibbling much. I’m hopeful to go four innings next time and keep grinding.” 

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