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Thursday, February 16, 2017

GM Dick Williams Says Time To Win

Reds' general manager Dick Williams told media group that the major work on the roster is finished.

There has been trade talk around Zack Cozart, who is behind Bronson Arroyo, Joey Votto and Homer Bailey for team tenure.

"Zack has a very affordable contract," Williams said.  "He fits well into this lineup and this organization."

It doesn't mean that Cozart won't be traded, just that is no urgency.

"The trade waters are always, rough and it gets especially busy in the middle or spring training with injuries and teams determining what they have and what needs they have," Williams said.  "One thing I've learned is the high percentage of trades you work on, don't get done."

The Reds have been in transition since last making the playoffs in 2013.  Many of the players from that team are gone, most notably Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake, Todd Frazier, Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips.  The spring training roster includes just 10 players with four or more years experience.

'Turnover is a natural part of the process," Williams said.  "We are trying to minimize the downturns but its my job to keep an eye on the long term factors. We always want to put the best players on the field and put them in a position to succeed."

Williams understands the fans frustration with the downturns because he is one of them.

"I am one of the few GM's in baseball that grew up in the city where he works," said Williams, whose family through investment have been a part of the Reds' for nearly 40 years. "This is the only place I've worked and the only place I want to work."

aHe shuns the notion that with former GM Walt Jocketty  still around that there are too many chiefs in the teepee.

"Walt and I work well together," Williams said.  "It is not just Walt and I.  It's a team of us."

With that Williams believes the team is ready to emerge from the rebuilding stage, encouraged by an improved second half of the 2016 season.  They were 32-57 before the All-Star break and 36-37 after.

"That was a testament to the coaching staff," Williams said.  "We didn't make any (roster) moves."

"We have a young group of guys," Williams said. "We're deep in pitching but it's young pitching. We have a young group of athletic guys.  We will be exciting to watch. I don't want to talk about rebuilding anymore. I want to talk about winning."

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