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Friday, September 30, 2016

Bryan Price Will Manage The Reds In 2017

Bryan Price will be back as the Cincinnati Reds' manager in 2017 and the team has the option to pick up his contract for 2018.

Price was hired to replace Dusty Baker after Baker led the Reds to three playoff appearances in his last four seasons.  Price was his pitching coach for the last four seasons of Baker's tenure.

Before Friday's game Price had a 207-278 record with the rebuilding Reds.  The Reds offered all coaches their current jobs for next season.

 "We've been talking about it (a new contract) since the last homestand. It just took some time just working out the terms of the contract," Price said. "There is a mutual desire to stay connected. For me it's been an unbelievable opportunity. It is a storied franchise. I have really enjoyed my coaches and my team."

"We reviewed the system, The coaches before we came to terms with the contractural agreement. I couldn't be happier with the coaching staff and the way the players hung in there during challenging season. The fruits of that showed up certainly in the second half with a lot better win/loss record and a lot better statistical representation of our team."

"When you talk about evaluating the manager and coaching staff, you're looking for improvements. If you have the same team intact you want to see improvement from the beginning to the back side of the season. I think we saw that improvement. That really needs to be a tribute to the players. You have to love to play baseball when you're in the situation that you're in the bottom of the division."

"I know the manager of the team is a polarizing one. I think that people want to see. The second half was the first stage of that improvement."

"The terms of the option. I just don't want to get to the end of the season with question marks. I want to make sure the option is picked up or not picked up by a certain date so we're not getting into September 30 to know if I'm coming back again. I don't think there was instability from the team not knowing. I don't it is something that goes through the players mind on a daily basis. I do think seeing us intact and the probability of us being here two more years is a good thing."

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