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Monday, July 18, 2016

Devin Mesoraco Has Another Hip Surgery

Devin Meoraco has spent more time on the operating table than in the catcher's box behind homeplate the last two seasons.

This morning, the 27-year old catcher had surgery by New York hip specialist Bryan Kelly to repair the labrum of his right hip.   Mesoraco had surgery to repair the labrum of his left shoulder on May 10 after appearing in his last game for the Reds on April 17 at the New York Mets.

The catcher had an impingement in his left hip repaired by Dr. Kelly on June 29 last year.

 "We knew last year when devin had his left hip fixed -- he had a labrial tear," Reds' team physician Dr. Timothy Kremchek said. "He had a bone spur that was limiting his range of motion. We noticed that he had similar changes in his right hip during spring training. He did fine. He had a little bit of symptoms in his right hip early in the season, then he went down with the shoulder. We had talked about when his shoulder was healed enough to be able to handle crutches.  We would talk about addressing his right hip.. The thought behind this is we knew he had problems in his hip. It hadn't shown up physically yet, but what we didn't want to do was wait for him to have problems in his right hip say the middle of next year or the end of next year. This was very preventative"

The condition was going to be a problem so the team, the medical staff and Mesoraco decided to fix it now so Mesoraco wouldn't miss a third season.

"At some point in his career, this was going to end up bothering him and he'd need surgery. He definitely had a labral tear. He had very similar changes in his hip that he had in his left hip," Kremchek said.

Mesoraco felt something in his hip in early April but it wasn't painful at the time.

"He had some tightness," Kremchek said. "Not symptoms like he had in left hip, but he did have a few symptoms, his range of motion in left hip is great, the right hip was limited. We knew this.. This was the question in spring training: was this going to be a problem even though it didn't hurt him?  I think the decision was easy when he had shoulder surgery and he was going to miss the rest of the season."

"He'll be able to do all baseball activities, fully ready to go by the middle of January just fine. So I really anticipate he'll be ready at the start of the season," Kremchek said. "The team is very optimistic. I'd be very optimistic about this. I think this will give him a spring in his step.  It's going to make it a little easier for him to squat down and do things. This is going to make him a better catcher and be less stressful on his body."

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