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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Elvis Is Still Dead Jay Bruce Is Still A Red

Jay Bruce is still a Red.

Rumors flew like planes at LaGuardia Airports and in as many directions.

The prevalent rumor had Bruce going to the Toronto Blue Jays with Michael Saunders going to the Los Angeles Angels with the Reds getting a prospect from both teams in one report and one of the teams in another report.

The deal fell through because of a failed physical one one of the players, one report said it was Saunders, another said it was one of the prospects.

Only those involved in the actual negotiations know but the fact remains that Bruce is joining the rest of the Reds’ players for a workout this afternoon in Goodyear, Arizona.

“I’m still here. Until I’m not a Red, I’m a Red,” said Bruce.  “Awkward is not the word. I’m reading the same stuff you are reading.  It’s obvious what’s going on.  They’re trying to get something done.  I really don’t have answers.  You all probably know before I will.  Obviously, nothing happened because I’m still here. I will try to be transparent with you all as much as I can.”

Bruce hasn’t been told one way or the other by the

“I haven’t heard anything from the Reds last night or this morning,” Bruce said. “I don’t think it’s because they’re not telling me something. I don’t think there is much for them to report. I think when they do report, they try to show me the respect that there is something to report and not hear say. I respect them for that.”

Manager Bryan Price is proceeding as if nothing happened which is the fact.

“Our good fortune is we’ve  got a real pro in Jay Bruce, who is handling this stuff unbelievably well,”  Price said.  “It’s challenging. The trading deadline is challenging.  The off season when his name keeps popping up and everything blows up last night, it doesn’t make things any easier. This generation is kind of getting conditioned to the fact that it is the lay of the land now.”

“At this point in time, I like thinking about Jay in rightfield.  I don’t like the thought of not having Jay. In my 6 1/2 years, Jay is one of the players I’ve enjoyed being around.”

Price hasn’t heard anything definite from the Reds’ front office either.

“Whatever you guys are talking about; You may know more than I know. All I know is there is a lot of names being thrown around and a lot of blowing up on the internet. I am treating it as if he’s on our team and it doesn’t change anything unless something happens.”

Bruce tried to shut out the reports and regrets the distraction to the rest of the team.

“I don’t want to create this type of situation. I don’t want to have to answer the same questions every single day. This team is in a special situation as it is.  There is focus that we have to have on the field,” Bruce said.  “There are a lot of emotions that go with it. I tell myself all the time, don’t listen to rumors but it’s hard. I’m human.  You like to be in the know.”

There is the personal effect on his family life to consider.  Bruce and his wife Hanna are expecting a child around April 23rd.

“My wife go here last night and hasn’t unpacked her bags yet,” Bruce said.  “It could have happened that we were back on the move again.  It’s a tough thing to juggle. It’s a very, very thin line to walk as an organization too.  They want to give you all the information they can I’m sure. They also don’t want to give you stuff that’s hasn’t happened.  They could have told me this thing has done and called back an hour late and say,” no wait.”  I just think they want to be certain to provide me with the correct information. I respect that.

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