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Friday, February 26, 2016

Dick Williams The Reds New Age GM

Dick Williams family has been a part of the Cincinnati Reds for over 50 years as investors but he has become a part of baseball operations.

Williams' grandfather William J Williams and his great uncle, James, were minority owners in the group headed by Francis Dale in 1968.

Williams, 45,  became a member of the Reds front office 11 seasons ago when his father, Joe and uncle Tom, were  members of the group of investors headed by Bob Castellini bought the Reds from Carl Lindner.

The Reds named him general manager on November 4, 2015. 

will preside over the new Reds as it builds its pool of young players.

"What we save in payroll is going back into the team, not to create more profit," Williams vowed Thursday morning.

The Reds have invested in the new statistical analysis in baseball but will also rely on the eyes of scouts to evaluate talent.

"We have hired three people to study the new data, arm angles of pitchers, exit velocity off the bat of hitters, the movement and reaction of defensive players," Williams said.  "We just had our scouts in the conference room so they could learn these new methods.  We also had our statistical analysts meet with the scouts so both understand the entire process."

There is nothing immanent on the trade front.  There is no revival of the Jay Bruce trade talks that turned out to be pure speculation Tuesday morning. He also denied reports that the Reds signed Cuban shortstop Alfredo Rodriguez

"I have nothing new to report," Williams said. "Sometimes when I read things in the press, I have to check to see if we really did them."

Williams took the time to congratulate former St. Xavier classmate Chris Mack and his Xavier Musketeers for their win over number one Villanova on Wednesday night.

Mack was a year ahead of Williams at St. X.  Williams made the freshman team while Mack played varsity as a sophomore.  The next year Williams played JV basketball which practiced against the varsity and Mack.

"We were never on the court at the same time during games," Williams said. "Chris was really good."

Williams is a graduate of the University of Virginia and St. Xavier High School and worked as an investment banker and from 2003–04 for th George W Bush re-election campaign. 

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