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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Joey Votto Had Chance To Make History Jay Bruce Remorseful

Joey Votto had four swings after his first inning walk on Tuesday.

He hit three home runs and grounded out, trying to become the 17th player and first since Josh Hamilton on May 8, 2012 to hit four in a game.

Observers of the game have been critical of Votto's patience at the plate.  Votto not only hit home runs on first pitches, two of them weren't even strikes.

“Those were ridiculous,” said Harang. “The first one was a change-up away, out of the strike zone. The second one was down around his ankles. Just ridiculous pitches for him to hit.”

Votto wasn't coy about wanting to hit one in that fourth at-bat.

"I wanted to do it but that is the typical result of swinging at a pitch out of the strike zone," Votto said.

"Why did you swing at the first pitch on that fourth at-bat? You needed to build up the suspense, take time to go 3-and -1 or 3-and-2.," Todd Frazier told Votto.

Bryan Price was pitching coach at Seattle when Mike Cameron hit four home runs in his first four at-bats against the Chicago White Sox.

Cameron was traded  to Seattle by the Reds as part of the Ken Griffey Jr. deal.

Price said Cameron had two more at-bats to make history, the first player to hit five home runs in one game,

“But he was hit by a pitch with a breaking ball his fifth at-bat and flied deep, close to the wall, in his last at-bat to right center where he had hit two of his home runs earlier," Price said.

Jay Bruce was ejected for arguing a called strike three with umpire Adam Hamari.  The Reds were already without Billy Hamilton, who has a wrist injury.  They lost Brandon Phllips in the second inning with a strained groin.

“It was because of how long I continued to express my displeasure,” said Bruce. “That’s not me, I’m not one to get thrown out of games. I take pride in respecting umpires and having as good of a relationship as I can with them;" said Bruce of his second career ejection.
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“It won’t be a habit and it is not something of which I’m proud,” Bruce added. “I let guys on my team down because we had a short bench to start with, so that was not ideal. It happens sometimes. I’m a guy who likes to stay in the game and play in the game.”

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