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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Teddy Kremer Returns As Batboy For The Reds

The well-documented story of Teddy Kremer added another chapter as the Big Boss Bob Castellini insisted that Kremer return to the Reds' dugout.

The 30-year old graduate of Colerain High School was born with Downs Syndrome but has achieved fame as the Reds' batboy after his parents bid on the honor for him at a fundraiser.

Kremer was an inspiration to the Reds earlier this summer.  Castellini thought the Reds could use a pick-me-up after an ugly weekend against the St. Louis Cardinals.  Kremer, who now works for the Reds in customer accommodations, reprised his in-dugout gig during Tuesday's 3-1 win over Oakland.

"I wish everybody was as positive as Teddy," Dusty Baker said.  "He's a homer in every sense of the word.  He's for the home team.  Sometimes it appears that everybody is not as positive as Teddy is.  And people have more to be positive about than Teddy.  Here is a guy that has a smile on his face.  He could be sad.  There are a lot of other people who are sad that should take a tip from Teddy."

Mat Latos had a rough night but every inning got fist bumps from Kremer.

"Yes sir, we had Teddy here and we got a win," Latos said.  "We ought to fire Luke Stowe (Son of Reds' head clubhouse man, Rick Stowe) and hire Teddy."

Latos of course would not go that far but it shows the effect of being upbeat during trying times.

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