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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jay Bruce Gets Rare Day Off

Even though Jay Bruce is struggling and has played more innings of baseball than anyone else in the major leagues, the Reds' rightfielder voiced a mild objection to getting a day off.

"I protested a little bit," said Bruce of his Friday night post-game meeting with Dusty Baker in the manager's office.  "I would never ask for a day off but he explained it and I appreciate it."

Baker has noticed a slightly slower bat but knows from his playing days that fatigue leads to a lack of concentration.

"I talked to him last night.  He wanted to play but he understood," Baker said.  "Off days are coming up every Thursday except one.  The magnitude of the series we're playing, we couldn't afford to give him an off day then.  It's as much a mental off day as much as anything else.  When you're fatigued you start missing pitches or fouling pitches off.  There is less than a tenth of an inch between a pop up or foul ball and a home run."

Bruce admitted that a day off could help.

"I felt great all year but he told me to come in a little later and not do much.  He's pretty adamant about giving guys a rest when he thinks they need it.  I respect that.  An off day could definitely help.  It is just hard to take one off when every game is so important," Bruce said.

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