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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cervilio Amador Throws To Aroldis Chapman On Sunday

Two Cuban performers were 'on stage" at Great American Ball Park Sunday.

Aroldis Chapman adopted a much different position other than his customary spot on top of the mound.  This time he faced the bump from a squat behind home plate.

Fellow Cuban Cervilio Amador was in Chapman's normal spot.

Amador is the principal performer for the Cincinnati Ballet.

Amador to Chapman
Al Berhman AP
On Sunday Amador threw out the first pitch after showing the "tourn en l'air" move on the mound. Chapman caught the throw.

Amador and Chapman both defected from Cuba.  Amador left the island in 2003; Chapman in 2009.

They met at a birthday party of an mutual friend.  A couple of Cuban natives, working for Proctor and Gamble have reached out to Amador and Chapman to form a tiny Cuban sub community in the Queen City.

Dusty Baker has visited Cuba a couple times.  Baker paid attention to the Cuban culture while there.

"The arts are big in Cuba," Baker said.  "They take kids at an early age and put them in schools for the arts."

Baker also respects the art of ballet.  He suggested that Todd Frazier seek a ballet dancer to help develop his footwork.

"Pound for pound ballet dancers and gymnasts are the strongest people that I know about," Baker said.

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