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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More Homer Bailey No-Hitter News

Bailey said that he called his father after the game last night.  His dad told him that he taped the game but hadn't watched it yet, and asked "How'd you do?"

Bailey's father had of course watched the game.

The Reds' Johnny Vander Meer is the only pitcher ever to pitch no-hitters in consecutive starts.

"I was thinking.Homer has a shot," Dusty Baker said.  Bailey's next start is Sunday afternoon against the Seattle Mariners.  "You got to get the first one.'

Bailey shadowed Jim Maloney in spring training for a few years.  Maloney, who pitched two no-hitters and one with an asterisk, will be honored at a Hall of Fame Breakfast at Great American Ball Park on Sunday also.

"I asked Jim when he came in to spend as much time with the pitchers while you're here especially the young pitchers.  That's why they're here," Baker said.  "That's not the only reason but that's like going to a library for these guys.  They can gain knowledge and they can put you on an accelerated course."

Baker never faced Maloney.

'Hank Aaron said he was one of the toughest guys he had to face," Baker said.

"We're more interested in getting Bailey back to .500, " Baker said.  Bailey has a 5-6 record on the season.  "He is definitely on a confidence streak.  I remember them getting on me early about letting him face Albert Pujols. How else are you going to learn?  What happens when you get to the playoffs and there's nowhere to put him?  You have to learn how to get out of it, how to pitch.  You have to earn your stripes."

Baker didn't even get Aroldis Chapman up to throw.


"It was his game.  I didn't want him looking in the bullpen.  If someone got on, I would have gotten Chapman up.  A no-hitter can turn into a loss kind of quickly.  I just don't want him looking out there.  Sometimes its a confidence thing.  Sometimes you do things for effect."

Giants'manager Bruce Bochy took the no-hitter in stride and refused to dwell on it.

"It was a tremendous pitching effort," Bochy said.  "You tip your cap.  It was impressive.  You look at the last three innings.  It was here it is, good luck hitting it.  He hit his spots. I know we're struggling offensively but with the stuff he had last night, I don't know what team would have hit that."

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