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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Marty Brennaman on Votto Driving in Runs

Mary Brennaman made the statement on last night's broadcast that he doesn't understand how the Reds are winning at the pace they are when Joey Votto has only driven in 29 runs.

"With all due respect to Votto's walks, he's paid to drive in runs, not walk," Brennaman said.  "They ask me to compare Miguel Cabrera.  There's no comparisaon.  Cabrera will expand the strike zone with a runner on second or third to d\rive in runs.  That's why he has 69 runs batted in."


If Brennaman is suggesting that Votto swing at pitches out of the strike zone would be good for the Reds' offense, he might want to take a closer look.

The Reds are third in the National League with 279 RBI.  Brandon Phillips with six RBI last night is one off the pace in the league.  Jay Bruce is tied for sixth in the league with 43.

Also, Votto has scored 50 runs second in the league to Carlos Gonzalez' 51 runs scored.

The Reds' offense is producing without Votto getting into the habit of swinging at pitches out of the strike zone with these other benefits, including making the pitcher work harder.

Baseball is a team game.  The Reds are taking what the pitcher gives them.  If they want to pitch around Votto, fine.  The hitters behind the Reds' best hitter are making the pitchers pay.

Also, Todd Frazier has driven in 34 runs.

For a good in-depth analysis that illustrates the point, please read Bill Peterson's article on LAbigleagues.com


(Bill Peterson covered the Reds for the Cincinnati Post for many years.)

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